Relationship between staff welfare and organisational objectives

Instead, good employers both genuinely care for their employees and do so because they know that a happy employee is one that will be productive and do his job correctly. In careers like sales where production is essential to making money, employers who promote employee welfare know that employees will make more money for themselves and for the company.

Employers should seek several different objectives in promoting employee welfare. Prior to the rise of labor unions in the United States, most employees did not have health insurance or any type of programs to promote preventative health measures.

Employee Welfare About the Author Jared Lewis is a professor of history, philosophy and the humanities.

Organizational Improvement Because employee welfare deals specifically with the well-being of employees, employee welfare programs adopted by employers are more effective when the wants and wishes of employees are taken into consideration. Production One of the primary concerns of employee welfare promotion is to create happy employees.

In the long run, employees who are taken care of by their employers are less likely to jump ship and change companies or careers. He has taught various courses in these fields since In short, employee welfare involves watching out for the good of all employees. Loyalty Another reason to promote the well-being of an employee is that it can improve employee loyalty.

Objectives of Employee Welfare

In organizations where employees are well-cared for and employees are asked to provide suggestions as to how to better improve the company, employees feel as if they play an important role in the improvement of the organization. However, the health of an employee is integral to the success of a company.

Prior to the labor union movements of the early 20th century, employers cared little about employee welfare and instead thought of employee labor as something to be bought at the lowest price possible. Employees who are happy and healthy show up to work every day and do their jobs correctly, whereas those that are in poor health and have no means to change the situation will miss work and slow production.

A former licensed financial adviser, he now works as a writer and has published numerous articles on education and business. Employee welfare is a major concern of employers. However, this type of objective has a greater purpose and is not always due to the benevolence of the employer.

Health Health promotion is another major objective of most employee welfare programs. Even in situations where it might be possible to make more money with a different company, the employee who feels accepted and needed by their employer may not even consider other job offers when they come along.Importance Of Continual Self Development Management Essay.

Print Reference this A leader should realise the importance of continual self-development.

Discussion of the Relationships between Healthy and Safe Working Practices and Organisational Objectives (AC ) The relationship between health and safety working practices and. Jul 11,  · Be able to support and promote staff welfare. Discuss the relationship between staff welfare and organisational objectives; Comments on: "Unit Personal Development as a Manager or Leader" (7) phil wilkinson said: October 3, at am.

Within this section the importance of continual self-development in achieving organisational objectives is explained. Current skills and competencies against defined role, requirements and organisational objectives are also assessed.

The forth section is simply based on the relationship between the staff welfare policies and organisational.

Relationship Between Staff Welfare And Organizational Objectives | A REPORT OUTLINING 21ST October CONTENTS Introduction 1 Executive Summary 1 Staff welfare and organisational objectives 1 Process for assessing staff welfare 2 Actions to be taken 2 Communicating responsibilities for staff welfare 3 Recording and.

The Relationship Between Staff Development, Organizational Policy, Staff Welfare to Personnel Performance Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the most important agency tight with the responsibility of Border management, Although the agency perform many functions other than patrolling borders ranging from issuance of e- passport and visa.

Employers should seek several different objectives in promoting employee welfare.

Organizational Improvement. Because employee welfare deals specifically with the well-being of employees.

Relationship between staff welfare and organisational objectives
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