Philippine regions

Known as Region 5, the GDP in this areagrew from 6.

Regions in the Philippines

This regionalization of the country was proposed and imposed by the late Philippine regions president Ferdinand E. Fastest growing regions in the Philippines?

What are the products of Region 1 in the Philippines? For in them the Philippines population depends upon. From the 16 Philippine regions we discuss above where Philippine population is based, it is estimated that the total population in the Philippines is approximately 90 million.

Marcos by the Presidential decree no. These 16 regions comprise the following which also comprise the population in the Philippines. Region 9 in the Philippines is called Zamboanga Peninsula. Moreover, the population of tourist who visit and stay in the Philippines is not yet included there, what more if we included them in the Philippines population?

It was divided into this way because it is a group of islands or archipelago in the Pacific Oceans and this was proposed and imposed to solve the unexpected onslaughts of problems arising from the different islands of the Philippines, like the poor communication and transportation into another islands, the slow pace of economic progress and civilization from remotes areas, Philippine regions slow and poor trade of commodities from island to island.

Moreover, these regions are also united to control the Philippine population to increase continually. What are the products of Region 2 in the Philippines? History of region 1 in the Philippines? The Philippines is divided into thirteen regions. These Philippine regions are united into four purposes: What are facts about region 9 in the Philippines?

Within these 5 super regions there are 3 geographical defined regions meaning defined by land formations and in the 3 geographical regions there are 17 smaller regions for administrative purposes meaning each is governed by a council and in these 17 regions there is about 79 provincesevery province has a governor and a provincial council.

What are the main landform regions of the Philippines? It is onthe island of Mindanao. Hi are you talking about the 5 super regions, if you are they are grouped or defined by there economic strength. However, these 13 regions have become 16 regions as of the present time in accordance to Presidential decree of The population is over 3, The Bicol Region of the Philippines is currently the fastestgrowing in the country.

Most of the products of Region 2 or the Cagayan Valley region, are agricultural products such as rice, corn and pineapple.There are many different region in the Philippines and it compose of twelve(16) regions and cities.

Each cities has its own unique development and most of them are still in need of development. Ilocos Region is a Region of the Philippines, designated as Region I. It is located in the northwest of Luzon, bordering to the east the regions of the Cordillera Administrative Region and Cagayan Valley and to the south the region of Central Luzon.

There are 17 regions of The Philippines as of August 7, 17 regions as of June Added an extra region in read about it; As of August 7, the Negros Island region was voided and the 2 provinces reverted back to.

Sep 16,  · As ofthe Philippines consists of 17 regions are geographically combined into the three island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and killarney10mile.coming is a list of the regions in their.

Then each island group is divided into regions and there are more than seventeen (17) different Philippine regions. Luzon has eight (8) regions. Visayas has three (3) regions. Mindanao has six (6) regions. Philippine Regions. Luzon 1.

Why is that there is regions and special regions in the Philippines?

Ilocos Region 2. Cagayan Valley 3. Central Luzon 4A.

Regions of the Philippines

Calabarzon 4B. Mimaropa 5. Bicol Region These Philippine regions are united into four purposes: (1).to maintain the beauty of their respective regions, (2) to hasten the communication to every region, (3) good local governance of their respective regions to avoid or solve immediately problems that will arise, and (4) to reinforce unity in every region of the country.

Philippine regions
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